My core submerged
In a comfortable dysfunction
Constructed in my childhood 
Misinterpretation of Shangri-La
Perpendicular to reality
Where I entered into 
A harsh betrayal

-L.J. Lenehan-



Losing Love

Unspoken, our love anticipated
every facial movement, desires
existed without need for language
our bodies anticipated a future                                                                                               of debauchery.

But our ethereal reality only existed
in the privacy of our togetherness.
In reality, we never learned how to be,
how to plan for the next century.
Suddenly, we did not know each other.

We were busy:
Not learning, not caring, not pursuing
the other’s reality. Love went missing
but we expected the other to remember
what it once was.

Losing interest, we lost each other,
resisting simultaneous spontaneous growth.
Creating a disease called complacency, with,
a side effect, sorrow. It halted the flow
of our reality, and we almost lost love.

– L.J. Lenehan –

The photo was captured by Gone-Hiking Photography:

Someone Else’s Dream

Millions of faces,

Identical stories,


Again and again.


Marketers, swoop in,

Offensively spoofing,

‘This is unique, never been heard, it will sell, sell, sell.’


Life long vacations,

New cars,

Holiday homes,

Private schools,

Begin, to fill up the brain.


Yay, no more wasted money,

On lottery tickets.


But this is just another tale ,

About someone else’s life,

Themed around,

Another’s reality.


Dreams smashed,

To smithereens.



Vultures stop ringing,

Unsuccessful ventures,

Wall paper the house.


Day job, selling skin cream,

In the local pharmacy,

Reminds that not even a book store,

Would hire you,

To sell someone else’s dream.


Now, you are the vulture,

Selling hopes,

You don’t believe in.


– L.J. Lenehan –


Another day,

Another dollar.

Doesn’t sound so good,

With the euro.


Whiskey dry,

Shock my system, on the way down,

Hold my breath,

Cold sweats,

Burns going down.



Window view didn’t change,

Green, grey,



Moss grows,

I watch.



One more problem,

There is always trouble,

This side of the ground.


Tomorrow, is another day,

They say,

Thank God,

This one sucked.


Change to whiskey sours,

Don’t feel drunk,


Tired of doing nothing.


Wish there was something to do,


A life time from here,

Day dreams.


Back to reality:

Electricity late,

Mortgage over due,

Food increased ten per cent,



One more whiskey dry,

Still burns,

My face eschew,

Shiver down my spine.


I love my time,

With classified ads.

– L.J. Lenehan –