Another Dime Store Prince

Another dime store prince
living in a nineteenth century
ice box.

Empty aluminium clamours in the night.
He’d already packed my things
but wanted my truths.

Frozen by fear, my truths are muted,
frost bitten, one more hurt
under the avalanche of snow.

The reflection of the city night, questions:
why now?
But in a world full of nows

there are no answers
and my dime store prince, so gentle,
so adamant to protect his solitary fortress –

he fears spending what he has not got
I wish this might have ended
different to the rest.

-L.J. Lenehan1220597235-m


Protecting descendants –

Nourishing children.

Depicted as virgins, whores and centrefolds –

Lady Madonna, Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa,

You’ve got nothing on us.

Venus unites –

The banshee; sings for equality.

Adam gave his rib –

But Eve gave her baby.

Female warriors of eternity.

Striving for private time;

Poems created at dinner,

Books behind the mountain of ironing,

Bandaging knees while seeking to be cultured.

Strip off the titles and learn our names.

Wishing for Prince Charming –

Only to find we are the Queens of the Castle.

Depended on –

Uniquely needed; to secure,

The human legacy.

– L.J. Lenehan –