In the nothingness of faded for sale signs
urban decay fills cities with busy work
hovering over what resembles a barren landfill
where failure, frustration, catastrophe
remain unrecorded

I exist

a Godless creature invisible to the mortal eye
forever burdened by repeated false starts
and the same endings bored I cannot smoke
because humanness is midpoint between
nothingness and where

I exist

-L.J. Lenehan-


Sometimes A Sinner

October scurrilously arrives
habitually changing the landscape for the long freeze
a month I easily find ways to reincarnate my past
with spirits that fit in a glass.

Ireland’s heart reminds me
the only thing that really changed is me,
spontaneously, vocals from Lady Madonna burst out,
lyrics written for me before I was born.

Ten years ago – this city was full of hope,
I didn’t notice broken ankles in cobble stone paths,
lonely souls hope for chats under glowing lamps,
fortune tellers with lies I know about now.

Tears fall again, mine and the rest of the worlds,
nothing the city hasn’t washed away before
I’m an October saint sometimes a sinner, alone,
always alone in a world full of strangers.

-L.J. Lenehan-

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A Stranger’s Sorrow

I exist in the shadows of empathy,
where compassion floods my soul
feeling the pain of all who are near
because I have no peace
in the presence of a stranger’s sorrow.

I find myself in an outdoor cinema,
with individual’s inner battles on display,
I am preoccupied with the judgements
that compound their sorrowfulness.

Suddenly and purposefully I mourn,
I mourn not for myself
but for a world full of people
that cannot find each other in plain sight.

-L.J. Lenehan-


They Just Weren’t Versatile

A rich man thinks a life of poverty to be a lucky thing
How simple to walk with the elite – thinking:
‘that could never happen to me’

Until it does

And the next day you wonder why
they can’t see you when they dined with you a week ago
laughing at the foraging poor

‘they just weren’t versatile’

Those words stick in your throat
like a lump of hardship, pain, decay
full of regrets – wishes for do-overs

and now? Well now only the stars see your tears
because you are invisible.

-L.J. Lenehan-



An hour ago they said I would not last the day.
If I were to observe posthumously, they might say:
‘What a tragedy – she was so lovely’ but in the flesh
there are no pleasantries.

My thoughts drift to that man I passed, this morning,
collapsed, convulsing violently, purple, vomiting, dying,
passersby rush, hoping to never know his reality.                                                                            I wonder what his mother wished for him.

Craving a cup of tea, I resent the eighty cents to my name
and am willing to practice trickery, to permanently
turn my coins into the price of lunch, what a luxury,
to always eat cake, like Marie Antoinette.

– L.J. Lenehan –

Showing the world
your inner beauty, contrasts
grandeur to sorrow.

– L.J. Lenehan –

Our youth are being exterminated;
Through persecution, from their peers.
Rejection misinterpreted,
Distinction opposed,
Not the right clothes,
Poverty exposed,
Vivacious boys discouraged,
Innocent girls called harlots.
Angst, apprehension, misery, tension –
Suspense, about what tomorrow will bring –
and who will be the next to endeavour.

– L.J. Lenehan –


Atlantic salmon head North –
Retreating from the greed of consumption.
The Celtic Tiger, once gorged –
Now foraging.
Services cut –
Unemployment brought up.
We seek the Australian dream –
Breaking the salmonidae*.
Corruption from Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour, Green and Sinn Féin –
Celtic Cubs starved of their legacy.
Politicians we implore –
To prepare for our salmon’s return.
Secure the future –
Of our admirable culture.

– L.J. Lenehan –

*Salmonidae is a family of ray-finned fish, the only living family currently placed in the order Salmoniformes. It includes salmon,troutcharsfreshwater whitefishes and graylings. The Atlantic salmon and trout of genus Salmo give the family and order their names.

Newborn Tune

Angelic cries, tune finely,
Practising, with the Philharmonic Orchestra.
Uncomplicated, unreserved, love; on offer.
A chance, to reverse abuse received.

It does not cost to give;

Protect each child from cruelty.
Keep secret days of cold soup,
Or no soup at all.
Make known they are loved, allowing the assumption;
All children are loved.

Remuneration is not monetary;
The compensation is contributing
An enhanced being to society;
Knowing the cycle has been broken.

The world better, because another person does not sacrifice;
Compassion for success,
And has the heart to be part of a better generation.
All because, the little individual
Did not experience – poverty of love.

– L.J. Lenehan –


Monotony, of every day routines, offend creative trends;
Dismissing, twinkle festivals of individuality.
Particular moments of success, held by the jailor; suspended,
Stressful wishes lost in the community; remembered faintly.
Jesus was born; to an ordinary family, no airs and graces;
He turned out to be the miracle; son of God.
Buddha was born; royalty, he left all his badges;
Creating a spiritual awakening; famous to all abroad.
Conventional living; does not mean awakening is unavailable,
Stimulate the senses, with ecstasy, allowing glory to be explored.
Royalty, poverty, middle society does not define the trail.
Take time to see the norm; allow it to be abhorred.
Essence of conscience; encourages the substance of soul,
Emerge, with diversion, from the original goal.

– L.J. Lenehan –