If Only, there were one more day

liberated, deep inside from my imagination,

religions call me,
but without my ability to make believe
all I can feel is a longing in my soul

creating a personal affair,
with unbroken barriers, love
never attempted to run up and over

I might give anything for one more day
with my imagination to create possibilities
like parents that celebrate me,

where doors open automatically for me,
where I keep my eyes instead of giving
them to those who told me I did wrong,

where God will see my heart
and love me enough to explain
the mysteries of life,

where strength is measured in moral power,
where it is widely understood that women’s intuition
creates their courageous self-sacrificing nature,

Oh, for one more day…

-L.J. Lenehan-



Solitary Imagination

If not for my imagination
months would be solitary
wasted on eternal seasons
of general despair,
in a common darkness
that prevents daisies from blooming
during all the phases of my life,
but my eternal dreams are bright
exhilarating my lungs with air
crucial to my hidden reality.

-L.J. Lenehan-