I see it in your eyes, he said,
suspiciously, I glanced –
perhaps a piece of my soul slipped out?

In my head, under the Eiffel tower
Parisian lights polluted the Seine river
reflecting the lovers here before;

blinding our histories – fresh air accosted
every sense, the limited space between our bodies
grew hope, love fragrant in the night air.

-L.J. Lenehan


Have You Ever Suffered?

Depression, a human condition, trivialised by the sane.
Schizophrenic, bi-polar, melancholic, catatonic, post-traumatic, psychotic, crazy, insane –
Society labels; bestowed upon the casualties of pain.
A misunderstood community, unaccepted, treated inhumanely.
Neolithics considered drilling the brain, called trepanation; demons released from the soul.
Plato declared mental illness a feminine condition; prescription – marriage and babies.
Darwin’s Grandfather; spun the crazies, until they were dizzy and fell in a hole.
Portuguese gave birth to lobotomy; adopted by Americans who took frontal lobes from all the mommies.
What right did the sensible have to sacrifice and persecute these people?
Where was the compassion, the understanding – who granted doctors and intellectuals judge and jury?
Were these the same people that waved to the constable and kneeled at chapel?
Behaviour disorders remain in the closet because history has haunted us with zombies.
In two thousand and twelve the world should find a new way; no more a disorder.
Communities together; extending love and understanding.
Unusual behaviour rewarded with friendship across borders.
Emotions accepted, compassion extended; universally challenging the branding.

– L.J. Lenehan –