a winter’s evening, all that she had, all that she was
fits in a black bag

faults easily forgiven, shortcomings the butt of every joke
eccentric, a character murmured through tears and laughter
her boldness forgotten after us

not famous, nor rich, important only to the five of us,
we hated her for drinking, for our hungry, cold nights,
first in the door ever evening felt the horror of being
her biggest burden of the day

bastards all of us, he ran off and left us to the rumours
our childhood hiding places, vivid in her absence
where fantasies went wild of what our lives would be
when we were older, when we were free,
when life would be better

discretion was our life, no one should know
how much she drank, scrubbed with a brillo for school,
a slice of bread for lunch, in mass every Sunday
with money for the priest, charity for those in need,
bruises where no one could see, vengeance
if a word passed our lips

on this winter’s evening as we laugh and we cry
sorting her things we know she lived for us
no one knew she was sick not wanting to burden us
the way we burdened her, her struggles finally gone,
her spirit living in the five chosen to be of her
and she has left the world the way she came into it
with nothing



It was cold the morning,
you died,
my head pounded,
my eyes exploded,
you couldn’t know,
you wouldn’t know,
I prayed you didn’t know
what happened to me
because of you.
It was cold,
until you woke up to me.

-L.J. Lenehan-


If Only, there were one more day

liberated, deep inside from my imagination,

religions call me,
but without my ability to make believe
all I can feel is a longing in my soul

creating a personal affair,
with unbroken barriers, love
never attempted to run up and over

I might give anything for one more day
with my imagination to create possibilities
like parents that celebrate me,

where doors open automatically for me,
where I keep my eyes instead of giving
them to those who told me I did wrong,

where God will see my heart
and love me enough to explain
the mysteries of life,

where strength is measured in moral power,
where it is widely understood that women’s intuition
creates their courageous self-sacrificing nature,

Oh, for one more day…

-L.J. Lenehan-


My Beautiful Boy

On a day in August (forget what year now) – 
you were so new, 
so beautiful.

I promised, I would always be there, for you
I dreamt of reading Dickinson, just you and me 
on an itchy blanket, in the shade, under a tree.

I knew you needed a big name – 
to match the mark you would make on the world.
I promised you the life of an artist – 

the dreamers, the laughers, the lovers,
the reminders that life is for creating.
That morning I packed you up – 

Just me and you, walked to the bus stop 
In one hundred and twenty degree heat
paid eighty cents, to meet a girl – 

I’m sure was an angel, she said, 
‘spread your wings and fly’ I laughed
but whispered it in your sleeping ear.

Determined to teach you kindness,
I thought a good heart was better than any doctor’s degree
I was young, I didn’t know the life of an artist –

Could be hardship full of mixed emotions
about a world that could be, should be, better.
Brought you home – I stayed up all night, admiring you.

Now you are bigger than me, you have your own dreams,
I pray every night they come true, for you – 
my beautiful little boy, I believe in you…

-L.J. Lenehan-


My Darling Daughter – I Am Lead By You

Anticipating you, I planned our journey:
All we would do, all I would teach you,
Inwardly I prepared to surrender to you,
You arrived, my life seismically shifted
And you became my teacher:

And I your willing pupil – your mother:

You taught me unconditional love the moment we met,
You taught me I was selfish, because now I am selfless,
You taught me true heartbreak – I feel your every tear,
You taught me guidance does not mean being right,
You taught me building memories is in the simplicity of the day,

My daughter, my darling, my pride and joy –
how can I ever thank you for showing me the way?

-L.J. Lenehan-

My Darling Daughter


This beautiful painting by:http://neitin.deviantart.com/art/unconditional-love-197921606

Family Home

In a lost America Casey Kasem
plays the nation’s top forty since
nineteen seventy – my heart swells

on a dysfunctional ground of barren lots,
cream coloured grass, baby saguaros
near over bearing mesquite trees mingling

with rows of out of place telephone poles.
Reacting to hollow structures in the bony sockets
of skulls I need solitude, instead,

I mistakenly see an apparition
of Our Lady, but no, I am mistaken,
once again alone, with only the glow of sun

and a deep need for coffee. My family home
sold on, long ago, I am silently reminded I
moved on. The ground does not pretend

anything here will nourish me. This moment
comes with a painful clarity from the angel on my
shoulder promising abundance elsewhere.

– L.J. Lenehan –


Personalised Wedding Poem

I was asked to prepare a wedding poem for newly married couple’s wedding album. I will personalise a poem for any of my followers on request:


Celebration of our love, joined in holy matrimony;

Families delight in our unity.

Destiny declared to the community;

Harvesting this love is our responsibility.

Delivered casually;

I give you my heart and soul knowingly.

A life time with you will bring prosperity;

It is but a second in the time span of our love.


– L.J. Lenehan –

Who Is The Alpha Male?

My Basset Hound is the ultimate Alpha Male. He dominates every dog he meets not by barking but by staring. He lifts his leg even when his bladder is clearly empty. Recently, after everyone is in bed and there is one around my husband went in the back garden and urinated (he tells me this is something all men do, maybe) and the Basset Hound walked over and urinated over my husbands. My husband thought this was hilarious and made me stay up late the next night to witness the event.

After Basset Hound urinated over my husband’s spot my husband expressed his desire to be able to hold a bit back to urinate over the Basset Hound spot to show him who the Alpha Male is…

You can’t make this stuff up…