Another Dime Store Prince

Another dime store prince
living in a nineteenth century
ice box.

Empty aluminium clamours in the night.
He’d already packed my things
but wanted my truths.

Frozen by fear, my truths are muted,
frost bitten, one more hurt
under the avalanche of snow.

The reflection of the city night, questions:
why now?
But in a world full of nows

there are no answers
and my dime store prince, so gentle,
so adamant to protect his solitary fortress –

he fears spending what he has not got
I wish this might have ended
different to the rest.

-L.J. Lenehan1220597235-m


Motionless from the view of your soul,
disguised in pain, waiting for the knock
of my heart at your door.

Should you open – I might listen
to your stories, if you listen to mine
we can put this world to right.

How romantic it sounds: naked love,
a timeless collapse of you and me
indefinite in a wild undercurrent.

-L.J. Lenehan


Morning Glow

Expectations of freedom
fill the air at dawn,
before light of a new day.

From underneath my duvet
the increasing glow of my window
demands my intellect’s attention.

Keenly anticipating problems
motivation is key to surviving
the next twenty four hours.

Restlessly, I arise, open the blind
to see a man cuddling an ill-fitting jacket
between the bins, sadly I wish

I lived in a place I felt safe to invite
him in for tea. I wish he lived in a place
where people felt obligated to help.

– L.J. Lenehan –


Apprehensive gesticulations of winter
appear, from out of no where
with waves of anxious courage.
Charming cherry blossoms
have long blown away,
leaving lonesome sticks

to reminisce, and
prepare the eulogy,
entitled: ‘Ode on a Perilous Winter.’

– L.J. Lenehan –

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