Underneath orange blossoms,
time stops, as I wish upon a shooting star,
a warm breeze washes over me,

I count my triumphs and my tears
in the sparkle of the night when
a train whistles by

for a moment my path intertwines
with passengers of the night
and I pray for them and for me

that we may find our begin-agains,
joy from a loved one waiting with

contentment in a walk
through nature’s garden, hope
in an early sunrise,

love with no one but yourself,
music in an over-stimulated
brain, meaning in a life

not worth living, peace in an
an agitated world, harmony
in a cacophony of turmoil,

may we find all this as individuals
for a meeting of the minds
around the world.

-L.J. Lenehan-



Flawless Waters

In pools of water,
separated from the tide,
forgotten souls, trapped,
sing silently, songs
heard by the lonely,
smugly over looked
by perfection
empty beaches ignored
preferring flawless waters
where reflections will touch
refugees of broken dreams
making existence easier
to mourn
than un-tangling
a living death.

-L.J. Lenehan-


john doolin

Summer’s night sky at peace
Nothing between you and God
Life’s troubles consigned to yesterday
Cool Air sweet smelling defending
Your skin

-L.J. Lenehan-


This lovely photograph was taken by: Bryan Hanna

Glittering Fate Of Late Spring

The unseen Wren up first thing piercingly sings ‘good morning
immortal world, today, of all days, a new beginning.’

Spinning in winter’s late snow little wren pleads for a daffodil cameo mustering a falsetto dedicated to blooming a cherry blossom tree.

Offering our inland as a vibrant canvas for extravagant radiance of creation, bartering unexpecting flower beds for aromatic beauty.

‘Blossom, bloom, blush’ – the little wren croons,

‘oh late spring I await the glittering fate of late spring.’

-L.J. Lenehan-

Wren 30 (John Fox)

A Winter’s Road

In a winter’s glow
fantasies of perfect families
are either side of me.

Always on the same road,
I wonder, about true love,

Or any other kind, heart
broken and lonesome
fantasies disappear.

As I imagine my knight in
shining armour, I think I
may have disappeared too.

The only way to me
is giving up on the notion of

No one is brave enough,
No one is curious enough,
No one loves me enough.

Suddenly, I know, the only
person coming for me,
is me.

– L.J. Lenehan –

A Winter's Road


This beautiful photo of Prizren, Republic of Kosovo is captured by HD Nature:

Winter’s Crescent-Moon

Intrigued by the bright star
of the winter’s crescent-moon.
My heart hopes: for a less
contemporary annual design.

Something simple, something
without pain, something far away
from my corridor of horrors.

Listening intently, I imagine
comforting songs of night,
sung in the stars light, by
consolatory Saints.

A song of understanding,
A song of all that is good,
A song of all that is meant to be.

Humbled by nature’s way of
showing life is not all melancholy,
there is serenity before we disappear,
if we choose to see.

– L.J. Lenehan –