King Of The Castle Contest

Since my husband started going outside to pee in the basset hound’s yard the basset hound started coming inside to pee in my husband’s terrier. This has been going on for about a month and I only figured it out today. My husband and the basset hound have been fighting over this for the last month. I’ve been mopping like a lunatic which I hate to do… This morning basset peed all over the kitchen so I was very annoyed with him. I showed him what he did and put him outside. He got back in about five minutes later. I was explaining to him that I was putting him outside because he couldn’t control himself from peeing inside. He said, ‘aaaarrrr’ twice… I swear he promised he would not pee in the house any more and he has not. Basset hounds are genius.


Terrier and Her Basset Hound

The terrier is making great progress since being hit by the car. She has healed and is able to go out walking again. I brought her, my daughter and the terrier’s basset hound for a walk today. I am trying to obedience train my basset hound so he will walk around the village with me. My daughter was walking the terrier and I was walking the basset hound. Bruce the Bad Ass Basset sees himself as leader of the pack (he thinks me, the terrier and the children are in his pack). It was absolutely ridiculous attempt this walk. He dragged me around the village. Also, about a half hour from the house it started to rain. I should not have been surprised as it is in Ireland but still. One very unhelpful old man stopped his van to ask me who was walking who? Really, I thought this is what you stop to ask me but I said, ‘I am trying to obedience train him and clearly it is not going very well!’ How unhelpful was that guy? So it was raining the basset hound was dragging me through the village. The terrier was very well behaved for my daughter just to pour a little salt in my failed obedience training wound. The lesson in all of this? Obedience training is abandoned it was traumatic for me and the basset hound and our daily walks will have to be at the canal where no one can see us!!

Terrier Got Hit By A Car

So the brute of a basset hound pushed open the gates and him and the terrier went gallivanting. When they escape they always go to the grave yard (I don’t know why but there is the sick joke that they are looking for bones)… When they crossed the road they did not look both ways and the terrier got hit by a car.

The basset hound was terrorized. The terrier ended up in an emergency vet’s house. She had to go on a drip for three days, have x-rays and her face stitched up. The basset howled at the sky for three solid days. Thankfully she is home, sore but alive and safe. The gates are super reinforced. The basset hound was so happy to see his terrier home he licked her pee. I have never seen a dog do that before. It was odd but I was moved that the basset hound loved his terrier enough to drink her pee or maybe he was just checking it was her… I’m not sure.

Always The Tough Guy…

My basset hound takes his alpha male role seriously. So when his terrier tries to come in the back door he feels it is his duty to try and hump her. My terrier annoyed by his unwanted advances sits down and looks at the wall until he gets bored.

There is a big bed in the kitchen for him to sleep in and a smaller pillow for her to sleep on at night. When he finishes humping her he jumps in his bed and stares at her. I normally leave the kitchen at this stage and turn out the lights.

Before I go to bed I open the kitchen door to say good night to my basset hound and his terrier. Without fail his terrier is in the big bed and he is trying to fit on top of the little pillow. He doesn’t make eye contact when I say goodnight. Embarrassed that his soft side has been seen by anyone besides his terrier.

Always the tough guy…

Who Is The Alpha Male?

My Basset Hound is the ultimate Alpha Male. He dominates every dog he meets not by barking but by staring. He lifts his leg even when his bladder is clearly empty. Recently, after everyone is in bed and there is one around my husband went in the back garden and urinated (he tells me this is something all men do, maybe) and the Basset Hound walked over and urinated over my husbands. My husband thought this was hilarious and made me stay up late the next night to witness the event.

After Basset Hound urinated over my husband’s spot my husband expressed his desire to be able to hold a bit back to urinate over the Basset Hound spot to show him who the Alpha Male is…

You can’t make this stuff up…

Straight To The Moon Alice!!!

My basset hound and his terrier remind me of Ralph and Alice Kramden the characters from the 1950’s sitcom The Honeymooners

My basset hound is big and loud like Ralph. The basset hound’s terrier is small and wiry like Alice. The basset hound’s terrier spends endless amount of time plotting on how to get into places that my basset hound cannot. This annoys my basset hound to no end and he barks at her.

Recently, my basset hound’s terrier has found a pile of bricks that she can get on top of and he cannot. My basset hound stands at the bottom of the bricks barking up at his terrier. The basset hound’s terrier stands on top of the bricks barking down at the basset hound.