How did you know when you were a writer?

My friend and author Javier A. Robayo (who is on has a wonderful question on his website, ‘How did you know when you were a writer?’ I encourage all writers and aspiring writers to answer this question. I wrote the following:

There has never been a defining moment that the universe announced to me ‘you Lael Lenehan are a writer.’ Writing is something I have loved to do since I was a child and before that I loved to read because stories did and still do bring me to another place. My mother was called in to the school in my sophomore year over the content of a short story I wrote. My mother (also my biggest fan) said simply, ‘she has a different view of what crosses boundaries than you do and that is not wrong.’ At the time I was so mortified that the teacher did not understand what I was trying to create that I stopped writing and showing my work for almost fifteen years. To this day I am still so proud of my mother and her response to the school all those years ago gives me courage today to write with complete honesty.

Two years ago I had a, you know what life is short and who cares moment and started to publish my poetry on the internet. I have had moderate success. The response from people that appreciated the honesty I express in my poems made me realise that what I have to say and how I write is important and it is my contribution to the world – however small it may be.

I consider myself a poet because I write poetry and it has been published in newspapers, my blog and facebook page. The reason that I tell people with confidence now that I am a poet is because people read my poetry and take the time to understand my ideas and are interested in the expression of my feelings. The reason I continue to write is because of the support I have received from people I don’t know. That support is what gives me the strength to announce to the world, I, Lael Lenehan am a poet.


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