Underneath orange blossoms,
time stops, as I wish upon a shooting star,
a warm breeze washes over me,

I count my triumphs and my tears
in the sparkle of the night when
a train whistles by

for a moment my path intertwines
with passengers of the night
and I pray for them and for me

that we may find our begin-agains,
joy from a loved one waiting with

contentment in a walk
through nature’s garden, hope
in an early sunrise,

love with no one but yourself,
music in an over-stimulated
brain, meaning in a life

not worth living, peace in an
an agitated world, harmony
in a cacophony of turmoil,

may we find all this as individuals
for a meeting of the minds
around the world.

-L.J. Lenehan-



6 thoughts on “Begin-Agains

  1. These things and so much more, I wish for both of us my precious friend. Thank you for my poem Lael. I will keep these words in my heart forever. Your gift has touched my soul…


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