Remember Me

Intuitively the water calls me,
from below the glowing moon’s concern
I can hear an echo of hallelujah.

Drawing me into the violent divide
of ocean’s inner secrets
I dive, I swim out to sea.

What is true
is no longer believed
because no one remembers me,

my empty home,
my featureless face,
my emptiness on display,

in a society that never saw me.
The calm that was seen in me
makes sense,

the calm before the storm,
the calm before I swam,
the calm before I became the sea.

-L.J. Lenehan-

Photograph By: John Mangan Photography

remember me

11 thoughts on “Remember Me

    • Thank you… I spent a week at the ocean which is my favorite place! It inspired me… The reading you did of this poem is absolutely beautiful… It sounded like someone else’s poem…

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