Flawless Waters

In pools of water,
separated from the tide,
forgotten souls, trapped,
sing silently, songs
heard by the lonely,
smugly over looked
by perfection
empty beaches ignored
preferring flawless waters
where reflections will touch
refugees of broken dreams
making existence easier
to mourn
than un-tangling
a living death.

-L.J. Lenehan-

Photograpgher: http://www.johnmanganphotography.com/

john doolin


2 thoughts on “Flawless Waters

  1. I read this earlier in the week and flagged it to comment. You and I must be affected by the same moon…our souls are dealing with a deep sadness, buried, yet clawing to try and surface. Love it Lael…

    • Taylor, you articulated that so well… Sometimes I think I spend more time analysing how I feel than actually feeling… Yes, we have a special understanding! 🙂

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