Artificial Azaleas

The truth of my beauty is a myth
created by you,
I don’t judge your entanglement to me
but I pity your mind’s eye,
where I am your reality
madly not in pursuit of you,
now you hunt full of lust
and you leave me collecting dust,
with artificial azaleas
and the overwhelming aroma of lemon polish
deadening my senses,
silently I grieve
for all your broken dreams.

-L.J. Lenehan-



20 thoughts on “Artificial Azaleas

  1. Describes very well the situation – and yet at the same time exposes the flaw in reasoning.
    Your poem motivates my heart to reach out with the words, “See your true beauty. You are not made of the fabric of someone else’s myth.”

  2. Yes it needs to be reposted! However sympathetic I may be to those whose love or lust is rejected I have to hold up this poem as the epitome of honesty! If it hurts and can be expressed – it ‘s real. Am I right or am I on a showboat down a deep-dredged stream … to nowhere?

  3. This is the core of where my heart is now…numb, raw, reflective. I’m amazed with each piece you write…It’s as though your writing is a portal into my mind and soul.
    This took my breath and settled in my marrow!
    Beautiful, Lael…


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