Oh – To Listen – To Learn – To See – Beauty

Walking on imaginary paths of concealed histories
young lovers crossed boundaries – made plans to
reconcile feuding families, hopes dashed in seconds.

Distrustful figures, pilfered failed hopes, delighted to
leave scars on the souls of those once so self-assured.
Darkness set in, covering sinking fields of failed expectations.

Some eternal souls found strength in not giving up, in learning
to listen, to look, to see simple acts of kindness start an
internal fire forcing individuals in to sudden happiness.

Seeing a sunrise, smelling fresh lavender, picking a daffodil,
admiring a unique drop of snow, listening to your first tune,
experiencing first love, true love, adoring your children –

learning life is always better this side of the ground.

-L.J. Lenehan-



5 thoughts on “Oh – To Listen – To Learn – To See – Beauty

      • I was helping my friend sell at a country market across from a historic church… So many people came out of the church I was thinking about the generations that have walked across the path and how important it is to enjoy the moment because it does not last long… xo

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