One Year Poetry Blogging Anniversary

One year ago today I decided to start publishing my poetry on the internet. I did not have any expectations as to what would happen and to be honest I was not even sure anyone would want to read my poetry…

The reason I write poetry is because of a feeling deep inside me that has to be expressed. When I start a poem I normally don’t know what it is about but the words come, it takes shape, I reorder the words, cut out a few, change words so that the precise meaning is expressed, I read it over a number of times and then just when I’m about to delete the poem I post it on my page and let it be judged by the world.

Over the last year I have grown as a person and as a poet. Poetry has taken over my life in my every waking moment I feel poetry, I think poetry, I see poetry, I hear poetry… And when I dream? Well, I dream in poetry too… The amount of people that want to read my poetry has grown and the sincere encouragement has helped to grow my confidence. In turn I have been in the unique position to encourage other poets to share their poetry on the internet.

I have experienced a lot of turmoil in my thirty five years on this planet and I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read, not judge and taking the time to experience what I have to say and coming back to my page for more.

-L.J. Lenehan-


7 thoughts on “One Year Poetry Blogging Anniversary

  1. I have appreciated the words you share with us. Poetry is a powerful master! I understand the need to express, the fascination with the glory of words. Congratulations on your first year here!

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