Cosmic Scorn

Shivering, in the middle of my life
night skies swirl over me, menacingly,
uninhibited by my judgments.

In the distance my future
mixes with promises of adventures
I cannot endure.

Indifferent to my morally troubled past,
there is no way back, no way forward,
stuck on a road full of pot holes.

I lean back and scream,
my screams come back to me
with murmurs of cosmic scorn.

My soul’s destiny: up for sale,
predicting I have finished worrying
about this life’s woes.

Here I will stay, listening intently
for what my eyes cannot see,
for the sweet sounds of poetry.

-L.J. Lenehan-



The fabulous photo by Fr Brinks Photography


11 thoughts on “Cosmic Scorn

  1. Love this Lael…damn close to what I want for the front leaf of my next novel. Hope you will consider doing that. Another “Ahhh…moment” for me. Love the skyscape too!

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