Family Home

In a lost America Casey Kasem
plays the nation’s top forty since
nineteen seventy – my heart swells

on a dysfunctional ground of barren lots,
cream coloured grass, baby saguaros
near over bearing mesquite trees mingling

with rows of out of place telephone poles.
Reacting to hollow structures in the bony sockets
of skulls I need solitude, instead,

I mistakenly see an apparition
of Our Lady, but no, I am mistaken,
once again alone, with only the glow of sun

and a deep need for coffee. My family home
sold on, long ago, I am silently reminded I
moved on. The ground does not pretend

anything here will nourish me. This moment
comes with a painful clarity from the angel on my
shoulder promising abundance elsewhere.

– L.J. Lenehan –



2 thoughts on “Family Home

    • Thank you… He was on the radio when my brother was driving me to airport on Sunday… I had not thought of his show in years but it reminded me of being small…

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