Could Have Beens


Repeating in that comforting place
somewhere between comatosed and
unconscious are the could have beens:

Could have been a doctor’s wife
but pretending to be a pillar in
society is too much reality for me.

Could have been deeply disturbed
but I was so busy running away
from therapy I never noticed.

Could have been a drug addict
but my inability to commit put a stop
to the time I spent in the gutter.

Could have fallen madly in love
but it happened so many times
I can never be certain.

Could have been an Olympic Athlete
but I didn’t know that extraordinary
people where once ordinary, like me.

Could have been a prostitute
but my parents fine sense of
bigotry kept me away from that.

Could have been hiking in the mountains
with that Alzheimer’s patient
but I was only a child.

Could have been stuck in that place
between comatosed and unconscious
but luckily, that was not my:

Could have been.

– L.J. Lenehan –
Could Have Been picture
Photograph by Fr Brinks Photography.

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