Christmas Sales

Snow falls on
Millions of faces,
Identical stories,

Again and again.

Marketers, swoop in,
Offensively spoofing,
‘This is unique, never been heard, it will sell, sell, sell.’

Life long vacations,
New cars,
Holiday homes,
Private schools,
Begin, to fill up the brain.

Yay, no more wasted money,
On lottery tickets.
But this is just another tale,
About someone else’s life,
Themed around,
Christmas Sales.

Dreams smashed,
To smithereens.
Vultures stop ringing,
Unsuccessful ventures,
Wall paper the house.

Day job, selling skin cream,
In the local pharmacy,
Reminds that not even a book store,
Would hire you,
To sell someone else’s dream.

Now, you are the vulture,
Selling hopes,
You don’t believe in,
during the Christmas Sales.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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