Future Curiosity

A psychic, an authentic horror of the soul knowing
psychic, spoke of superficial occurrences, I already knew,
stopping short before something meaningful
was said.

She could have said that I will pay for goods with air,
that I will breathe without needing air, but instead
said there is nothing like life to take significance
from soul.
Shivers ran down my spine when she spoke of my guardian
angel, a man, that hangs out in fields, in the shadows of
bedrooms, that is always with me but never stops bad things
from happening.
She never told me about my darkest hour, she never told
me about my triumphs, she never told me anything of
much importance, but my curiosity might stop with one
more visit.
– L.J. Lenehan –
The photo was captured by Gone-Hiking Photography:https://www.facebook.com/NatureThroughTheLens

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