Deprived of Vitamin D, there is nothing
but time, to remember: the father
that never loved her, the mother that
abused and let her be abused, the gang

that sneered her getting caught.
What a bright future she had,
until she stole someone else’s.
Desperate to escape memories
of who she could have been, she
learned meditation, every time,
coming back to the shocking reality
it was true, she did it. Pre-destiny
refused to answer – could there have
been another ending? Murderous,
prostituting, drug dealing, gang banging
girl, but only a girl, facing incarceration,
forty years later all the tricks of survival
learned. Loneliness the only absolute, amidst
confessions of regret, a life sentence
handed down to a young abandoned
girl left to the system because no one
in the world cared.

– L.J. Lenehan –

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