My Life’s Work

Born an American Poet, I was demoted
from my post, for not being enough
of a poet to pay my way.

I busy myself with daily routines:
cleaning, mothering, cooking, conforming,
out casted by traditional society.

Everyone knows I bake apple pies
with dough of insincerity
bored by tasks of futility.

My solitude grows, imprisoning
the creativity of my soul.
Grasped by clutches of anxiety

I linger in between the doings
daydreaming about a place of being
excited by life’s possibilities.

If I could escape the immersion
of my society filled with standards
and fears of just about everything

I might be able to create a poet,
not a professional one judged in
2012 by the bank account balance

but a poet that creates a life’s work
passing imagination as a legacy
worth leaving.

– L.J. Lenehan –


9 thoughts on “My Life’s Work

  1. Lael,   Walden Pond author once said ” People living lives of quiet desperation”   Your thoughts are deep and profound.  I love it.  I look forward to each post…..I see myself and my life in these poems…Mom

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