That Place

Expecting the unexpecting, that place waits, capturing
horrific moments of heartache, grief, disbelief, pain,
sorrow, devastation and simple unhappiness.

In that place I do not linger alone, no, the vastness
of tragedy fills the plains, creating a sense of unity
behind the scenes of the human condition.

Beneath the surface of my breath, I memorise
those dreams of contentment that will ease my suffering
when I wait in that place between joy and despair.

In that place all that is unimaginable is captured,
so silently it is deafening. That place banned empathy
with a vicious indifference suggesting I am not the only one.

– L.J. Lenehan –


4 thoughts on “That Place

  1. This is a very good poem, I read it multiple times, but it’s also also a very sad poem, so I continued it a little bit as my response:
    A ray of light, ever so weak, entered that place, became the dream, in itself sustaining, the unexpected.

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