King Of The Castle Contest

Since my husband started going outside to pee in the basset hound’s yard the basset hound started coming inside to pee in my husband’s terrier. This has been going on for about a month and I only figured it out today. My husband and the basset hound have been fighting over this for the last month. I’ve been mopping like a lunatic which I hate to do… This morning basset peed all over the kitchen so I was very annoyed with him. I showed him what he did and put him outside. He got back in about five minutes later. I was explaining to him that I was putting him outside because he couldn’t control himself from peeing inside. He said, ‘aaaarrrr’ twice… I swear he promised he would not pee in the house any more and he has not. Basset hounds are genius.

3 thoughts on “King Of The Castle Contest

    • I must put up more – they are fun and give good practice for writing – just have been so busy… I want to a cartoon of my basset hound and terrier – they are so funny together…

      • Cartoon is a great idea! And you write really well about them! I’d love to read more!!! I haven’t done any posts on my Bumble for a while because he’s not doing that well anymore, but might do a couple more… XX

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