Terrier and Her Basset Hound

The terrier is making great progress since being hit by the car. She has healed and is able to go out walking again. I brought her, my daughter and the terrier’s basset hound for a walk today. I am trying to obedience train my basset hound so he will walk around the village with me. My daughter was walking the terrier and I was walking the basset hound. Bruce the Bad Ass Basset sees himself as leader of the pack (he thinks me, the terrier and the children are in his pack). It was absolutely ridiculous attempt this walk. He dragged me around the village. Also, about a half hour from the house it started to rain. I should not have been surprised as it is in Ireland but still. One very unhelpful old man stopped his van to ask me who was walking who? Really, I thought this is what you stop to ask me but I said, ‘I am trying to obedience train him and clearly it is not going very well!’ How unhelpful was that guy? So it was raining the basset hound was dragging me through the village. The terrier was very well behaved for my daughter just to pour a little salt in my failed obedience training wound. The lesson in all of this? Obedience training is abandoned it was traumatic for me and the basset hound and our daily walks will have to be at the canal where no one can see us!!


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