Terrier Got Hit By A Car

So the brute of a basset hound pushed open the gates and him and the terrier went gallivanting. When they escape they always go to the grave yard (I don’t know why but there is the sick joke that they are looking for bones)… When they crossed the road they did not look both ways and the terrier got hit by a car.

The basset hound was terrorized. The terrier ended up in an emergency vet’s house. She had to go on a drip for three days, have x-rays and her face stitched up. The basset howled at the sky for three solid days. Thankfully she is home, sore but alive and safe. The gates are super reinforced. The basset hound was so happy to see his terrier home he licked her pee. I have never seen a dog do that before. It was odd but I was moved that the basset hound loved his terrier enough to drink her pee or maybe he was just checking it was her… I’m not sure.


2 thoughts on “Terrier Got Hit By A Car

  1. My Basset Hound Daisy Mae had a bad habit of cleaning out the cat box every once in a while. I called her treat “kitty roca” it’s kind of like almond roca but a bit different. Needless to say the cat box disappeared and “Squeaker” the mouser did his business outside.

    • hahahahahahaha@kitty roca… Basset Hounds are funny… I would have removed the cat box too… I don’t feel that comfortable with Bruce the Basset licking me now that I know he licks the terriers pee…

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