Trapped on a path with no great perhaps,
shielded from apologies, justification, explanation,
away from here I have no mask, and the accused,
would go exonerated.

A light beckons me to come into view,
disconnected from soil, I am not sure about that perhaps,
confused by warning signs, not posted,
whispers in the air say, ‘don’t walk alone.’

Cut off from the first of alls,
my escort is on the other side,
I scream but no one hears me,
my legs pinioned by the obscureness of it all.

Serendipity waits for me in the clearing,
magic of a million moments yet to be,
waits for me,
on a parallel trail.

Conditioning of my former life,
brought me to this purgatory,
where I take the time,
to consider rejoining,
the human condition.

– L.J. Lenehan –

A special thank you to John Mangan Photography for this amazing photograph:


2 thoughts on “Kismet

    • Thank you… This is very popular…Here is some feedback about your photo from one of my poetry followers:
      John Coxon hypnotic
      Stories of my Soul Thanks John… I have that photo above my fireplace… I sink into it with all the different possibilities it holds.
      John Coxon It’s a keyhole, I think, don’t know, just absorbing.

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