Ten, twenty, thirty years gone by –
Do you remember the tears that seemed so important that day?
Did you make sure to have it out with God?

Did you burn the candle at both ends –
Or did you take time to breath, that day?
Did you learn from your mistake and let it go?

Did you remember that time heals all?
Did you take that time –
To find yourself?

Did you believe in miracles?
Knowing there are many –
Pausing for each one?

Did you start each day with a cup of tea?
Did you make sure not to judge; yourself,
Or anyone else?

Did you get out of the waiting game?
Did you find the bright places – where the bands were all playing?
Did you sing, naked, with the birds?

Did you laugh?
Did you love?
Did you live?

Did you enjoy the day?
Did you frolic in bliss?
Did you find your happy place?

The journey is short;
Moments are important –
Enjoy the day.

– L.J. Lenehan –



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