Ode To Gaelic 4 Mothers & Others

Since 1890, Ireland’s Gaelic mother has been supporting football,
Eagerly anticipating, her offspring’s contribution in Spring’s competition,
Origin of sport, boasts from the sideline, ‘my lad is first port of call!’
19th century Gaelic mother’s never thought Gaelic Games would be permissioned.

Mothers shed tears in defeat but also delight, when their boys brought home silver,
Another chance for pride started in 1970s, when the Ladies got playing,
Every mother, wanted GAA to teach their teenage athlete how to be a leader,
Busy washing contents of gear bags, chauffeuring matches, she never noticed her hair greying.

But now Gaelic mothers are in the 21st century, role of supporter has metamorphosed to player,
Taking time to display their talents as forwards, backs, midfielders, goalkeepers and substitutes,
Contemporary Gaelic mothers brought in a few others, for a bit of craic over the summer,
Wearing hearts on their boots, Gaelic mothers show off knowledge of their traditional roots.

In thirty two counties, mothers have burst on to Gaelic football fields with love,
Of the sport they created over a century ago…

– L.J. Lenehan –


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