Tooth Fairy

My daughter lost her first big tooth. This was monumental because every other tooth she has lost has fallen down the sink. This tooth however fell out in her Grandmother’s house and we were very excited to put the tooth under her pillow. Within an hour my daughter was in floods of tears. The tooth was missing!

I told my daughter not to worry about it that she could write a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened and he would leave her a present under the pillow anyway. We forgot to write the letter! In fact we forgot to write the letter for three days.

My daughter was very sad that the tooth fairy had forgotton her. I rang her grandmother and asked her if the Tooth Fairy had left any money in her house being confused because the tooth had been lost in her house. Luckily enough the Tooth Fairy had indeed left money in her house for her.

We drove immediately to my mother-n-laws house and she told her which bed she had found the money on. My daughter and her grandmother walked down and retrieved the money. On the way back up the hall I heard my daughter ask her grandmother, ‘are you that the Tooth Fairy came and that you did not just put the money under the pillow for me?’



2 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy

  1. The tooth fairy forgot to come to our house last night! My daughter collapsed in tears on my bed once she realized it. The tooth fairy left a note apologizing for her lateness due to the many teeth she had to pick up last night!

    • Happy to hear my house was not the only house the tooth fairy did not get to… I don’t remember the tooth fairy ever not turning up when I was small… I put the tooth fairy on gps tracking for the next missing tooth!

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