Families avalanched,
By idiotic violence;

Each incident,
Chips away,
Societies innocence.

The home of the brave,
Is killing the free.

A loner Joker,
Comatosed, the world.

For a minute –
The Presidential campaign.

Hyena laughed,
While he prepared 6,000 rounds,
Of ammunition,
To act out a scene of a movie,
In a movie.

His name was printed –

Each victim, anonymous –

Today, a blade of grass,
Props me up,
As I consider,
The weight of this tragedy.

– L.J. Lenehan –

*Dedicated to the victims and their families of the shooting at the new Batman in Aurora, Colorado.*


2 thoughts on “Joker

  1. senseless acts of violence like this makes me wonder if professional armed security guards are needed to be almost everywhere ready at all times to stop these acts immediately before they get out of control …. can this be one solution among many L.J. ? …. my heart goes out to the victims, their families and friends as well …. ~ Jimi

    • It would be an uncomfortable situation to have armed guards everywhere… But these incidents are far to frequent and the impact on the victims and their families is so significant that maybe a Draconian approach like that is warranted. Very sad.

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