The Initial Shock…

My daughter and I drove up to the shop. I parked the car and we walked into the shop. The girl that worked in the shop walked over to me quickly her eyes wide with fear and said to me, ‘He is by the milk but I don’t think you want her to see him like this,’ nodding towards my daughter. I sighed and brought my daughter back out to the car to wait for me. I walked to the back of the shop towards the milk. I turned the corner of the aisle and my husband was sprawled on his back. He saw me, arched his back and tried to say something but could not speak. My husband’s face was turning to a dusty purple. I screamed and ran back around the corner. The girl in the shop ran over to me and hugged me. She asked me if I would talk to the 999 Operator. I said yes and took the phone. The 999 Operator was a woman she asked me his name, age, our address, medical history, my name, phone number, what his new symptoms were, I asked her if I could go because I wanted to bring my daughter down to my husband’s mothers house because I did not want her to see him like that.

I don’t remember what I said to my daughter when I got in the car. I remember that I was crying. My mother-n-laws house is about a mile from that shop. I got to her house with my daughter walking in behind me. I said, ‘he’s collapsed’ tears were streaming down my face. My son had stayed the night and was in the sitting room watching tv he looked at me frightened. My daughter went over and sat next to her brother on the chair quietly. My mother-n-law came in to the hallway and said, ‘sure, he’ll be okay he is tired.’ I said, ‘No, no, he’s not okay, this is really bad, you better come to the shop with me.’ She was in her pyjamas, I waited for her to get dressed and I drove us back up to the shop. My mother-n-law tried to calm me down on the way up saying it would be okay, not to drive so fast, she knew he would be fine. Her reaction changed when we got inside the shop and she saw her son, my husband.


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