Curly Hair

Pink everything exploded in my house seven years ago when I met my beautiful daughter. Since day one she stole my heart. She is fantastically funny, sweet, pretty and likes everything to do with being a girl. At seven she knows more about fashion that I could ever hope to know.

My daughter has beautiful curls but they are impossible to keep. As much as my daughter loves being a girl and everything to do with being a girl she has not made the connection that brushing her hair daily is part of being fashionable.

This week my daughter told me that she is only going to let her Aunt brush her hair. That would be okay if her Aunt lived next door but she lives a half hour away from us and we only see her every other week or so. In a weak moment I gave in to the craziness and said I would bring her to buy a special brush that she could choose if she would just brush her hair every day. Yes, I was bargaining, pleading and begging all at the same time.

Infuriated she looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes and said what part of my Aunt will brush my hair do you not understand?

I’m laughing because I don’t understand any part of that statement or how she can think that is a workable solution…


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