Always The Tough Guy…

My basset hound takes his alpha male role seriously. So when his terrier tries to come in the back door he feels it is his duty to try and hump her. My terrier annoyed by his unwanted advances sits down and looks at the wall until he gets bored.

There is a big bed in the kitchen for him to sleep in and a smaller pillow for her to sleep on at night. When he finishes humping her he jumps in his bed and stares at her. I normally leave the kitchen at this stage and turn out the lights.

Before I go to bed I open the kitchen door to say good night to my basset hound and his terrier. Without fail his terrier is in the big bed and he is trying to fit on top of the little pillow. He doesn’t make eye contact when I say goodnight. Embarrassed that his soft side has been seen by anyone besides his terrier.

Always the tough guy…


11 thoughts on “Always The Tough Guy…

    • Thanks Michael… I’m still learning to use WordPress… I’m getting better… Have not figured it all out yet but at thirty five I am one of those embarrassing mothers that
      asks her son to set up the DVD player… Blogging is big for me… LOL… I have to blog to share my writing though…

  1. Hows your blog coming along? Are you feeling more comfortable using it? I notice you liked the PC vs Mac question. What was pointed out in the article has existed from the beginning. A lot of people that are die hard Windows users that spit venom on Mac usually I have found don’t know anything about Mac’s or have ever touched one. My 2 biggest gripes it doesn’t support enough games and they are spendy to buy and and you can’t upgrade very easy. On a PC I can swap out parts as I need them creating a sort of Frankenbox. So if someone asks you what to get point that page out to them.

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