Introduction to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

It was the Sunday morning 17th of July 2011 my daughter had been in a million times that morning (I wish I were exaggerating) to make her pancakes, my son slept the night at his grandmothers, my husband was up writing addresses on invitations to an Open for his local Pitch and Putt club.

I put a toothpick in each eye, dragged myself out of bed, put on a bra, old sweater, jeans, slippers  and walked into the kitchen. I put on the kettle opened the fridge and dun, dun, dun there was no milk! Argh! The frustration, no milk meant no instant coffee, no pancakes and a fight over who was going to the shop for milk.

The argument over who was going for the milk was worse than I had expected. We said mean things to each other that we did not mean. Sulking I went back in to the bedroom and laid down. A few minutes later I heard the front door open and close. He was going for milk. I was not particularly satisfied with my success because we made such a big drama over going for the milk.

I stayed in my bed and my daughter was in the front room watching cartoons. About fifteen minutes later the door bell rang and the owner of the local shop was standing in my front door. I did not understand why he would be at my house so early on a Sunday morning but said hello anyways. The local shop owner said hello and told me I better come up to the shop that my husband had collapsed. I repeated the word collapse back to him and he nodded. He asked me if my husband had taken any kind of drugs. I said no and the local shop owner apologized for asking me that question.

I thought to myself he must have fainted from exhaustion and got my daughter dressed to go to the shop and collect him. Convinced I would only be a few minutes I did not take off my slippers and put on regular shoes.

Besides regretting that fight every day since it has happened I also regret not changing out of my slippers and putting my regular shoes on. I walked around in slippers for the next two days!! I am not the type of person that goes out in public in slippers!


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