Another day,

Another dollar.

Doesn’t sound so good,

With the euro.


Whiskey dry,

Shock my system, on the way down,

Hold my breath,

Cold sweats,

Burns going down.



Window view didn’t change,

Green, grey,



Moss grows,

I watch.



One more problem,

There is always trouble,

This side of the ground.


Tomorrow, is another day,

They say,

Thank God,

This one sucked.


Change to whiskey sours,

Don’t feel drunk,


Tired of doing nothing.


Wish there was something to do,


A life time from here,

Day dreams.


Back to reality:

Electricity late,

Mortgage over due,

Food increased ten per cent,



One more whiskey dry,

Still burns,

My face eschew,

Shiver down my spine.


I love my time,

With classified ads.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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