Gift of Life

Beauty illuminated from the sun’s awakening.
My soul exhilarated; with nature’s promises, of impressive delights –
My thoughts drift – to all mortals, whose opportunity to enjoy the basics, has been taken,
Envy of jewels and gold; when the five senses working together, should alight the night.
What gift would it be, for a blind old man who has never seen, to suddenly see the morning glow?
Or a little girl, who never ran through a field, to receive the lung she needs?
What gift would it be, for a deaf composer to suddenly hear a crow?
Or a limbless girl, to suddenly transport into a body, so she can dance in the reeds?
But all the horrors of this world rarely end exquisitely.
Suffering goes unnoticed, sympathetically, with a glad it is not me.
The next disability you meet – I challenge you to stop consciously –
And see the world through your adoptee.
Through acceptance and dignity the world unites.
Ignore the polite plight and reunite with fight.

-L.J. Lenehan-


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