Commuting Is Not Worth It!

Commuting two hours a day for the last four years and I am losing the will to live. I would rather eat ramen noodles every meal, wear a necklace made of live grasshoppers, ride a tricycle to my local job, have philosophical discussions with mutes, walk around with a melting ice cream on top of my head, make an origami Great Wall of China, pickle peppers, walk lizards on a leash than ever spend two and a half hours a day driving to work and home again.

Anyone thinking, ‘ah, it won’t be that bad…’ It is. Save yourself, be poor, stay home with instant coffee and ramen noodles!!

4 thoughts on “Commuting Is Not Worth It!

    • Thank you… It is tough going… At the start you think I can do this but like you say exhaustion kicks and fifteen hours of sleep to catch up just is not worth it!

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