The quintessence nature of being; is often fought internally –
The heart beats, unknowingly, handing over our birth.
Universally discovering suffering; overlooked by society unconsciously –
Ecosystems collapse, as the sinless continue, in the name of subsistence.
Worms infest; considered one of the weakest invertebrates infesting the world –
Surviving together one hundred and twenty million years.
In twenty years, they can cultivate six inches of soil, from their underworld.
No brain of their own, subconsciously knowing, when troubles are near, they disappear.
Homo sapiens jealous of earthworms survival throughout time.
Commonly naming the unworthy a worm – but this name is exclusive, to survivor –
These clusters of slime have challenged ideas of the modern mind.
Two hundred thousand years on earth and we still have not learned what is in the fertilizer.
Humanity must learn this life – to work like the worms – together –
Taking our oppressors and teaching them pleasure.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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