One year ago; I thought I was losing you,
Begged God for one more chance,
To say, ‘I love you.’

Shock took over, my body;
Shaking in my core,
I waited.

I watched;
You weren’t there,
I prayed – unsure,
I waited.

Machines pushed your breath,
In and out.
I held your hand.
It will be different this time.
I waited.

The stench of killing time,
Clung to me.
I cried,
It’s not true.
I waited.

Pushed chairs together
Told myself the metal was
Goose down feather.
I waited.

Doctors, nurses, physios walked by,
In and out,
Complained about life.
You fought for yours,
I waited.

Your eyes opened;
Wide with fear,
We hugged,
We cried,
Nurses threw me out;
Told me not to upset you.

Delirium kicked in;
You took time to return,
Doctors said they did not know,
If you would be back again,
I waited.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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