Second Coming

Pinned, in an undertow;
Every muscle restrained.
Psychological penitentiary;
Keeper unmercifully observed.

Below the surface;
In poor shape –
I narrowly escaped.
Using my last ounce of strength.

Search party, never put out;
I vanished without a trace.
My previous life erased;
Amidst disgrace.

Washing to the sand;
I finally relaxed.
Years elapsed;
On the horns of dilemma.

My preceding purpose;
Yesterday’s soap opera;

Ready, I emerged;
With courageous stamina.
Contagious resourcefulness;
My new metamorphous.

Brute force, not my tool of choice,
This time, I brought bountiful power;
Triumphing over troubles –
Brought by tidal waves.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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