Princess of the Night

Disappearance of light, influences every source of life.
Big sky, decorated, with light, tempt all to obsess.
Absent-minded, occupied by commoner’s strife.
Clear- headed, stir up hornet’s nest, donating stress.

Call of night; observes a few enamoured disciples,
Defying celebrations turning up uninvited.
Puppeteering – turmoil and woeful unrest,
Simple awe of design, set patterns archetypal.

But death mist beckons those that get to close; to afterlife,
Like night blooming cacti, Princess of the Night,
Exposes her thorns to a particular silent killer;
Short lived, are incidents suffered, in nature’s culture.

One lifespan is but a moment in time – today’s troubles
Cause wrinkles; drowned in tomorrow’s novels.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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