Morning Mayhem

Mavericks, wander in; during the early hours,
Diverging from purpose, at every opening.

Authorities move in; to block off the vicinity,
Searching for the missing:
Hair brushes.
Gear bags.
Signed forms.
Overdue fees.

Half eaten cereal bowls, abandoned,
Shrugs, the dogs wanted it anyway.

Raise the alarm!
The house engulfed in smoke!
Wild thing one wanted toast!
Wild thing two threw a tea towel over the toaster!
The world is ending!

War ensues over what to view:
MTV Raps!
No! Disney is crap!
I have the remote control!

Hairs sticking up; deranged!
The fumigation process starts;
It smells like a French whore house.
Hair spray, gel, super glue;
Whatever it takes, to get them looking half normal.

Socks appear, out of nowhere,
Shoes on feet,
It is coming together.

The Hulk no longer outraged;
The Banshee contributes her last shrill squeal.

Suddenly, two angels appear;
Another successful morning.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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