So hot; the sky attained a pasty sun burn,
Blades of Grass; pale, poke through the dirt;
With no condensation, they feel like cacti spines.

Gustnado attacks, tornadoes of dirt;
Monsoon protects, sending in armies, of thundering clouds;
Masses eagerly anticipate.

Air displaces; movement brings variables –
A notion almost forgotten.

Suddenly, the mix of what it missed;
Changes, the aroma of depression.

The first drops land angry; annoyed,
At having to deliver another well planned meteorological event.

Delighted, for what is perceived as a basic entitlement –
Quickly, the evidence of being unprepared, displayed.

Barren water banks over flow –
Roads become inaccessible –
Floods take over; normally barren landscape –
Thunder and lightening descend with vengeance.

Gone, as rapidly as it arrived –
Green leaves moisturized –
Dehydrate in seconds.

Hope remains –
Monsoon will not forget, the,
Beautiful Sonoran Desert.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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