Inaugurate Women’s Happiness

Fairy tale ending, sold to little girls; so they do not divert:
Dead inside, from sterile life of conventional housewife,
Time to cry, put back until dinner preparation,
Because, kitchen is off limits for those few minutes.

Waking up, realising years went by:
No cure, to the feelings of despair,
Taught as children to deal with what life brings,
Creates a very obedient housewife.

A problem, with no name,
Identity crisis, suburbia’s plague:
‘She’s just in a rut…’
‘It’s a phase…’
‘She’ll snap out of it…’

Surviving, everything they ever wanted,
Women’s outrageous behaviour, never forgotten.
Marie Antoinette, beheaded queen, famous for saying, ‘let them eat cake,’
What if, the truth was she gave them cake,
To apologize for recklessness in her past.

Communities, all over the world,
Possess power, to teach little girls, our future women,
They have the right to choose.

Educate our little women:
Writing, composition, painting,
Skills, to escape melancholia provided by life.

Allow, the world’s harem,
To choose a new liberated path,
Inaugurate women’s happiness,
All over the world.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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