For the Love of my Mother

How can I express my gratitude; you bestowed me with the gift of life?
When I was a baby, you were a girl, preparing me for beauty and grace.
We sat on the stoop eating ice cream, not planning for strife.
Your love, displayed, in the elegant movements of your face.
To me, you were the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, inspiring jealousy and fear.
I hoped when I grew – the Roman Goddess Venus would give me your place.
War ensued when we were no longer peers.
Zeus married Hephaestus allowing us to concede peace, leaving behind our spears.
You were mother and I was daughter, but there were intervals when we reversed our roles.
You were depressed, and I was animated, with zest for life –
The metamorphous of our relationship lives in my soul.
The gift you gave me came with a price.
You were my yin and I was your yang – Eros the Greek God of Love protected us with patrol.
Our love like the Sampaguita flower, peaceful and pure, the goddess sang –
About our love, telling the birds on all continents since the big bang.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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