Cycle of a New Day

Walking down the Grand canal;
Yesterday’s forget me nots, still there,
Happy, not forgotten.

Water lilies float at sides of the banks,
Littering the canal;
No one complains, about them.

Waterfowls chirp, the day is new;
Looking for breakfast,
They remind, to keep it simple.

In slow motion, my mind replays,
Every situation,
I could have behaved better.

Regrets regurgitate,
From my stomache,
Dissipating, with each step.

Canal water motionless,
Calm, composed, serene,
Surface emphasizes tranquillity.

Acknowledging, perfection does not exist,
Injecting acceptance,
Redirecting apprehension.

Uncertainty, is an everyday scavenge,
Endeavouring to accept it,
Perception modified.

Wind could come, at any time,
Changing the surface,
Agitated and extreme.

Determined to succeed;
Life is a cycle, always simple,
Peace, will come again.

– L.J. Lenehan –


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